Moter Grader 1:35 Heavy Diecast Model DC-620027

  • Model: DC-620027
  • Manufactured by: KAIDEWEI
Package :

Scale: 1/35 Die Cast Model, Size: 10.3x11.5x27cm
Packing: 4 pcs in dieplay box, 16 pcs in carton
The Material use Australia Metal
Grader, is to use the scraper flat ground earth moving machinery Between front and rear axles scraper in machinery, can lift, tilt, rotation and over- hanging. Flexible motion accuracy, convenient manipulation, flat field is of high accuracy, is suitable for the construction of embankment and slope, digging ditch, also can stir pavement mixture cleaning snow, transporting the grit material and maintaining the and gravel This is cady rising alloy grader.

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