Tent Platform Transport 1:50 Heavy Die cast Model DC-620044

  • Model: DC-620044
  • Manufactured by: KAIDEWEI
Package :

Scale: 1/50 Die Cast Model, Size: 8.2x5.6x33.5cm
Packing: 4 pcs in dieplay box, 16 pcs in carton
The Material use Australia Metal
Tent platform transporter is called truck, pallet truck, trailer, construction machinery is mainly used to transport some like excavators, loaders, harvester Do not remove the object. Platform of large trucks is common in life this car is widely used in fedoras, construction site,etc. Large production or project is located, the characteristics of the bearing capacity of the flat transporter makes it played an import role in the process of economic development This model is KWD 1:50 diecast tent platform transporter.

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