Tow-Way Crawler Excavator and Wheel Loader 1:50 Heavy Die cast Model DC-620004

  • Model: DC-620004
  • Manufactured by: KAIDEWEI
Package :

Scale: 1/50 Die Cast Model, Size: 4x5x23cm
Packing: 8 pcs in dieplay box, 32 pcs in carton
The Material use Australia Metal
Two-way forklift is combined mining vehicle with the function of the loader, the unity, convenient use and high efficiency Able to dig in the production process dig material, on the other side can shovel or loading materials,this is cady 1:50 alloy two-way fForklift truck is also called loader, loader is a kind of widely used in highway, railway, building, water and electricity, port and mine construction engineering conditions, such as construction machinery, it is mainly used to shovel loading, sandstone, lime soil, coal and other material, can also be used for one, hard soil, such as mild shovel dug home-work This is cady 1:50 alloy large forklift truck.Forklift truck.

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